Hydraulic Improvements Phase I

Hydraulic Improvements Phase I

Construction is 97% Complete as of June 2021.

The Hydraulic Improvements Phase I Project is the only active construction project in the Hancock County Risk Reduction Program. This project is focused along the Blanchard River west of the downtown Findlay area, near Swale Park. It includes widening the floodplain bench between Broad Avenue and the Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge. This work is on property previously purchased by the City and County. In addition, four low-head dams or riffle structures downstream of Lye Creek will be removed. The projected flood benefit of this project is 0.8’ at Main Street in a 100-year storm event and provides benefit greater than 1.0 ft during smaller, more frequent events. In a 100-year storm event, the water surface elevation reduction is 0.5’ upstream of Riverside Dam and gradually decreases to 0.0’ downstream of TR241.

The benefit-cost ratio (BCR) is determined by dividing the present value of total estimated economic benefits by the present value of estimated costs of the recommended improvements. The ratio of benefits to costs must exceed 1.0 to be considered for advancement under Ohio Conservancy Law.

At the time of the Proof of Concept, Hydraulic Improvements Phase I and the Norfolk Southern Railroad Improvements projects were considered one project, Hydraulic Improvements. This project was calculated to have a benefit cost ration of $4.64:$1 at the time of the Proof of Concept.

This project is being funded through funds generated from the .25% Hancock County sales tax for flood mitigation.

Construction Progress

  1. The construction contract was awarded to Helms & Sons’ Excavating, out of Findlay, OH, September 2018.
  2. Substantial Completion Date: November 8, 2019.
  3. Final Completion Date: December 31, 2021.

Images & Videos

Broad Street to Centennial Park - October 2019
Centennial Park to Broad Street - October 2019
Swale Park Bike Path - October 2019
Swale Park Widening and Bike Path - October 2019
Widening at Swale Park – October, 2018
Swale Dam – October, 2018
Karg Dam – October, 2018
Cory Dam – October, 2018
Centennial Dam – October, 2018


Hydraulic Improvements Reports
Sediment Sampling | 11/08/2017